Instant Film Polaroid Originals

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  • CLASSIC FILM: Polaroid Instant Color Film for 600 cameras and i-Type cameras with 8 classic iconic white framed photos.
  • LIGHT IT UP: Polaroid Instant Film loves light. The more light in your shot, the better your photo will turn out. Always shoot in bright light or use the camera flash.
  • DEVELOP: All photos appear blank at first. Photos develop within 15 minutes. Shield photos from the light and place them face down as they develop.
  • CREATE: Every photo you create is rich textured and unique. Unpredictable, imperfect, and impossible to reproduce.
  • BACKWARD COMPATIBLE: Film is compatible with Polaroid 600, Polaroid Impulse, Polaroid SLR680, and newer Polaroid i-Type One Step 2 cameras.
  • 8 INSTANT photos– Polaroid pictures are unique, no two pictures are the same, So think before you shoot.
  • Note : The date stamped on the bottom of the film box is a production date and not an expiration date



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